Customized Hyundai Creta With A Gold Wrap Looks Unique – Video

hyundai creta gold wrap-1

A Pune-based customization house has customized a Hyundai Creta by adding a gold chrome wrapping to the body.

Wrapping is a new trend that has captured the fancy of the new-gen car buyers. Many vehicle owners are joining the trend to customize their cars and make them look unique and different. The main advantage of wrapping is that it can be removed at any time and it’s not permanent, unlike paint.

A customization house called CarzSpa in Pune, Maharashtra has shared a video detailing the wrapping activity on a Hyundai Creta. What’s interesting is that the owner of the Creta SUV has changed his red coloured car to a golden wrapped SUV, which definitely is eye-catching to say the least.

The Hyundai Creta is a popular compact SUV in the Indian market and long served as a leader in the mid-SUV segment ever since it was introduced. Most of the Hyundai Creta owners are known to customize their SUVs to make it look different.

However the owner, in this case, took the customization game to a whole new level. The shiny gold wrap has been beautifully applied to the Creta with red-coloured interiors, which is not stock for this SUV. The alloys are also different than what the company provides.

As per the customization house, the gold chrome wrapping is priced at around Rs 67,000 to Rs 80,000 depending on the size of the car. Though he has not divulged the exact pricing of the work done in the Creta. Also, as mentioned in the video, the gold chrome wrap is the most expensive wrap one can get on their vehicle.

hyundai creta gold wrap-2
More than the vehicle itself, the video of the wrapping job is interesting to see. The video not only gives us an insight of how a wrapping is done, it also explains how to take care of wrapping and protect from wear and tear.

The customization house also explains why wrapping is beneficial than getting your car repainted again. Check the video above and see how the Creta is converted into a unique looking car.