Customised Maruti Baleno into Mercedes A-Class can Hurt your Imagination

Customised Maruti Baleno Mercedes A Class

Wonder what may go wrong during aftermarket modification? Here’s an outstanding proof of a customised Maruti Baleno into Mercedes A-Class

Everyone has own dream vehicle! Regardless of what we earn and what our professions are, we always envisage a future with a mind-blowing automobile standing in front of our homes at some point in life. Dreams are not treacherous but they do get there when we try to build something unauthentic. Crazy ideas make for witty outcomes but when it gets out of hand and you would not pull the strings, they get all messed up.

With all due respect to the creator behind this, here is a cheaper mutant of the Mercedes A-Class or rather an undone wannabe of the A-Class. For the viewers reading, you would have easily spotted the car being Maruti Suzuki Baleno but with an unpleasant makeover. The owner of the Baleno perhaps wanted to purchase a Merc A-Class but instead went into Nexa thinking “I could impersonate one on my own budget”.

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Customised Maruti Baleno Mercedes A Class 1

The regular Baleno with red paint scheme is a bit of a looker but this Maruti Suzuki A-Class (I just blended the names for the sake of clarity) would not help much in pleasing people as far as I’m concerned. This reminds me exactly of a Ford Fiesta that often hits my eyesight in my place with a Mercedes front end and three-pointed star badge. I followed it with curiosity once at night wondering what it was and then I regretted.

Coming back to the Mercedes-Benz Baleno or whatever you would want to call it as, the front end was fitted with an awkwardly measured Mercedes Diamond grille you could find in the top-end models like the beloved SLK350 I drove a few years back – that’s a terrible comparison and I won’t be forgiven. It does have an air splitter for splitting and modified front bumper for perhaps bumping on the speed breakers.

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Customised Maruti Baleno Mercedes A Class 2

Assuming that the owner would not install projector or LED headlamps, I’m going to quickly jump on to the rear end. From the aftermarket intellects, a pair of twin exhaust pipes on both ends and four diffuser fins may cause exaggeration but you would be swiftly distracted by the wider five-spoke wheels because they surprisingly look like actual wheels. The Maruti Benz A-Class seems to have a customised interior too but gracefully I did not get hold of any such picture!