Crash Guards and Bull Bars In Vehicles Banned By Indian Government

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Unauthorized vehicle modification could draw penalty as crash guards and bull bars have been declared dangerous

Vehicle modification is something many car enthusiasts love. Speaking about the modified SUVs, the bull bars are something that adds zing to the vehicle alongside increasing its masculine appeal and ruggedness. If you are thinking about modifying your car with such kit, think twice before going ahead, as government of India has banned the unauthorized modification of vehicles.

The crash guards and bull bars have been declared dangerous for vehicle safety and adding them to the vehicle could draw penalty from government authorities. As the government mandate says, certain car modifications without prior permission from the RTO will be considered as completely illegal move. Therefore, buyers of new vehicles or the owners who are planning to customise their cars have to get the plan approved by local RTO before doing so.


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Other than that, the concerned vehicle owner might have to pay a hefty amount of fine to the government authority. This rule is being implemented as the union ministry of road transport and highways has sent a mandate to all the state governments asking to take necessary action against the rule violators.

With this rule, several customised vehicle owners across the country are surely going to face the heat from the local governing bodies. As the central government notice reveals, fitment of crash guards or bull bars pose serious safety threat to the pedestrians and the occupants of the concerned vehicle as well. The mandate has been issued according to the Motor vehicle Act 1988’s section 52.

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The popular customisation moves we see from the vehicle owners include not only fitting crash guards and bull bars. Adding extra headlamps instead of permitted two or four lamps, fitting LED stripes, extra fog lamps, updating bumper, roof spoilers, new wheels, LED lighting package are few of these modifications.

Apart from modifying exterior, many vehicle owners prefer to re-tune the engine as well in order to enhance the performance of the car. Changing exhaust system is also something popular among those owners who seek extra from their cars.