Could This Be Revolt‘s Next Electric Motorcycle For India?

Vmoto Super Soco stash could be next Revolt e-motorbike img1

Vmoto and Super Soco’s upcoming motorcycle has been leaked online via design patent, and it could be the base for Revolt’s next model

Vmoto and Super Soco partnership will see the debut of a new e-motorbike at EICMA 2021 later this month. Named ‘Vmoto Stash’, this upcoming electric bike has recently been leaked online via design patent, showing us its radical and eye-catchy design. Interestingly, there’s a possibility that this could make its way to India, under Revolt’s brand.

Revolt and Super Soco have shared e-motorcycle platforms in the past, with the Revolt RV400. As such, it wouldn’t be too far-fetched to expect Revolt to use the new motorcycle’s platform to build its next model. The styling could be altered a little, as the Stash’s Europe-centric design could be a little too loud and unconventional for Indian tastes.

As per the leaked patent images, the Stash seems to be a compact model, offering a mix between a relaxed and sporty riding position. The handlebar is set tall and close to the rider, while the footpegs are centre set. The headlamp is pentagonal in shape, which was officially teased a little while back, and the bike also gets a short visor and full front fairing.

Vmoto Super Soco stash could be next Revolt e-motorbike img2

Other than that, we see a split seat setup, USD front forks, monoshock rear suspension, a single front disc, and a tyre hugger with an integrated number plate holder. The instrument cluster seems to be a tiny fully-digital unit, mounted on the forks and not the fairing. Also, the motorcycle seems to have a hollow space where the fuel tank is supposed to be, likely for storage.

The technical specifications of this upcoming motorcycle are a mystery at this point. The performance is expected to be equivalent to 125cc to 150cc motorcycles, and the driving range will likely be around 100 km to 150 km. It could also get swappable batteries, similar to RV400.

Revolt has already seen a decent success in the Indian electric two-wheeler market, thanks to the RV300 and RV400. A new model in its lineup, especially one with such a sporty design, would certainly help the manufacturer expand its audience base. This is just speculation at the moment, and we’d have to wait for more details to leak or for the manufacturer to release an official word on the matter to make further comments.