Cop Slaps Biker After Being Caught For Riding Without Helmet

Thanks to social media, the said policeman has now been suspended with his driving license seized for three months

A video is doing rounds on social media these days in which a cop can be seen slapping a biker. In the 32 second footage, a biker follows a cop who riding a motorcycle without his helmet properly on and talking over the phone. The motorist asks the cop if police is above the law and only common man is the one who gets penalised for violating such laws. The incident took place near Sector 36 in Chandigarh.

Offended by this, the policeman, Surinder Singh, designated as Head Constable slaps the rider and even abuses him. The rider then speeds off and Singh is seen following him thereafter.

Chandigarh Police Head Constable On mobile while driving

!! Video of Chandigarh Police Head Constable Surinder Kumar on mobile while driving !!Just this Wednesday, Chandigarh Traffic Police posted on Facebook page "Don’t use mobile phone while driving- it may become your last conversation ever!!!" Seems like someone was not listening! MORE: Source: News18 Punjab#chandigarh #chandigarhTrafficPolice #NoMobileWhileDriving #chandigarhx

Posted by ChandigarhX on Saturday, September 9, 2017

The biker, Sumit Kumar, who is a resident of Kansal, then uploaded the video on social media. Besides this, he has also sent one copy of the video to Shashank Anand, SSP Traffic. Sumit was not content with this and he has even registered a written complaint against Surinder Singh. As a result of his Sumit’s efforts, the cop has been suspended from his duties.


Surinder Singh has also been issued a challan for not wearing a helmet and using his phone while riding. Not only this, as per law, his driving license has been seized and has been directed to transport and licensing authorities to be suspended for three months.

Sumit was then called in the Traffic Admin office where he was told about the suspension action and issuing of challan of Singh. The traffic police department also uploaded a copy of challan slip on its official Twitter handle and Facebook account.

The said video has been shared by several social media pages in favour of the rider. Through this video, some people had even urged that strict action should be taken against the guilty police officer. Such videos actually make one think about this situation where due to some policemen, their entire community gets blamed.
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