Classic Cars Ban in Paris: Owners of Pre-1997 vehicles Exempted

vintage car

Classic cars ban in Paris have seen exemption of pre-1997 vehicles

When all the cars manufactured before 1997 is facing ban in and around Paris, classic car owners have their own reason to be joyous. The Federation Francaise des vehicules D’Epoque (FFVE) have announced that the classic cars older than 30 years or more won’t be included in the ban.

In an attempt to curb the pollution level in and around Paris, the capital of France the authority has decided to impose ban on vehicles that were manufactured before 1997. The ban applies to the motorcycles also, which were built before 1999.

vintage car 1Presently the pre-1997 vehicles are barred from entering Paris between 8 am to 8 pm on weekdays. These cars can enter the city in holidays although. According to the new rule, these cars will be barred fully from entering the city. Anyone caught driving a pre-1997 vehicle will be fined which would range between €35 to €450.

There are six different stickers for the Paris entering vehicles, which show the emission level of the car. As instance, the ‘Class one’ sticker is dedicated for the hydrogen fueled and electric vehicles and these cars can enter the city at any time. For the classic car owners, they need to display ‘Carte Gris de Collection’ sticker on their cars. These stickers can be collected from Paris City Hall on application.

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Interestingly, this is the first time all the vehicles in and around the city will be classified according to the emission level. In the new rule to ban the pre-1997 vehicles in Paris will directly affect on more than 30000 registered vehicles. A 10% of the total vehicle fleet of the city will off the roads due to the new rule. Mostly the lower income people will be affected by the ban. Although Paris seems to be welcoming the change despite of the relative problems.