Chevrolet Camaro Beats Mustang; Becomes Bestselling Muscle Car in US

Chevrolet Camaro

Chevrolet Camaro becomes bestselling muscle car as it sold 8,737 units compared to 8,063 units of Ford Mustang in US in April 2017

Chevrolet Camaro has become the top selling muscle car in US market by beating Ford Mustang. In April this year, Chevrolet Camaro sold 8,737 units in the US market, compared to Ford Mustang’s 8,063 units. This means, Camaro sold 674 units extra than the Ford Mustang. This is not the first time, Camaro is at the top spot as it dominated the list for five consecutive years from 2010.

After Ford launched the sixth generation Mustang, sales dipped for the Camaro and it lost the top position as well. But, things changed again in October last year when Camaro reclaimed the sales crown. Interestingly, April 2017 was the best month for the current sixth generation Camaro, as he sportscar registered 17.2% increase in sales compared to the same month last month.

2017 Shelby Mustang GTE 1

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In the meantime, Ford Mustang is experiencing sale slump after seeing success during FY 2015-16. In March this year, this sportscar sold 9.120 units, while the number dramatically dropped to 8,063 units just in the next month. In April last year, it sold 12,726 units and in the same month of 2015, Mustang sold 13,144 units.

Now, with a facelift version ready to launch, it is to be seen if Ford Mustang manages to increase the sales number again. The 2018 Ford Mustang comes with subtle but significant design updates and more powerful compared to the pre-facelift version. Meanwhile, another iconic sportscar Dodge Challenger has managed to grab the third spot in the top selling sportscar list.

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

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The Dodge Challenger sold 6,591 units in April 2017 and it showed progress over the March 2017 sales figure. This sportscar didn’t manage to fetch as many units as the Camaro or Mustang, but with the steady progress it is expected to throw challenge to the Mustang in near future. However, despite losing the top spot to Camaro in US market, Mustang is doing good in the globally, as it sells in more markets compared to its homegrown rivals.

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