Check Out This Turbocharged Royal Enfield Himalayan ‘MJR Roach’

MJR Roach Royal Enfield Himalayan side angle

Here, we have a custom-built Royal Enfield Himalayan which sports a Garret turbocharger and generates almost 50 horsepower!

Royal Enfield enthusiasts are notorious for building some of the craziest custom motorcycles ever. From complete redesigns to heavy performance upgrades, we see many different types of builds for Royal Enfield motorcycles. Here we have another customised bike, an RE Himalayan, which adds a turbocharger to enhance its performance!

The motorcycle, named ‘MJR Roach’, was built in-house by Royal Enfield’s Technical Centre in the UK. The motorcycle was showcased in a video, uploaded on the company’s official YouTube channel. This modified Himalayan has a Garret GT 125 turbo strapped on to it, pushing the power output up from 24.5 hp to nearly 50 hp.

Other than the turbo, there are plenty of changes on this motorcycle. Its chassis was built using salvaged parts from two Himalayans and a Continental GT. It features new USD front forks, along with a custom single-sided swingarm from Harris Performance. It gets a dual-tip, free-flow exhaust system, which routed under the seat.

The round headlamp of the stock Himalayan has been replaced by a four-pod projector light cluster. The front wheel is a wire-spoke unit, while the rear wheel is an alloy unit, both shod with dual-purpose tyres. The handlebar is also new, sourced from Renthal, and there are new analogue gauges added as well. On the sides of the fuel tank, we also see ‘MJR. ROACH’ lettering in bright yellow colour, which goes well with the white-painted tank.

The bike’s frame has been painted dirty blue, which is quite a unique choice. The seat of the motorcycle features straps, which makes it look like seat isn’t attached but rather just strapped-on. There’s also a band-aid applied on to the fuel tank, which is quite a funny little detail! That said, Royal Enfield has opted for a post-apocalyptic look with the MJR Roach, which looks more utilitarian than the regular bike.


Overall, the MJR Roach looks like something out of a video game, rather than a real-life motorcycle. The motorcycle sounds extremely menacing as well, like a roaring wild animal, due to the free-flow exhaust. The post-apocalyptic theme of the motorcycle is also depicted in the video, with hordes of people wearing gas masks, chasing the protagonist down an abandoned air-strip.