Check Out This Stunning Custom-Made Royal Enfield XIAV 350

Modified Royal Enfield 350-1-3

The Royal Enfield XIAV 350 is based on the Electra 350 and has been done by Guns and Hoses, a popular customization house based of out Mumbai

It’s quite common to come across modified examples of Royal Enfield that have been tastefully modified to look more attractive. However, the motorcycle you see on this page is the one that has really caught our attention in the recent times.

Dubbed XIAV 350, this motorcycle has been done up by a customization house called Guns and Hoses, which is based of Mumbai. The XIAV 350 is the customizer’s 2nd major project that has been prepared with collaboration with Royal Ryder Motors (Mumbai).

As per the customizer, the ‘XIAV’ in the name of the motorcycle represents “blue’’ I the Hmong language. The fuel tank of the motorcycle is painted with a unique crystalline effect along with Metallic Sea-Blue and Black. Not just this, the centre of the fuel tank has got some artistic pattern airbrushed on to it.

Not just this, the customizers of this Royal Enfield have put the emblem of the company on either side of the fuel tank with some airbrush treatment to give the shadow effect. Other than the new colour scheme, the Royal Enfield XIAV 350 also comes with an aftermarket exhaust unit and a Cree LED headlamp. The original seat has been replaced with a custom ribbed single-seat saddle.

Apart from the above modifications, the modified Royal Enfield XIAV 350 have used an all-black treatment for the cycle parts, which works well as a contrast for the bespoke blue paintjob on the fuel tank. You can even find ‘XIAV 350’ inscribed on the side panels of the motorcycle. The motorcycle also gets ‘Guns and Hoses’ and ‘Royal Ryder Motors’ emblems on its right side.

Apart from all these visual changes, the mechanical bits of the motorcycle have remained totally untouched. What this means is that the motorcycle is draws its juice from the same 346cc, single-cylinder, 4-stroke engine that outputs a maximum power of 19.8 hp @ 5,250 rpm and a peak torque of 28 Nm @ 4,000 rpm. The motor comes mated to 5-speed manual transmission.