Check Out This Lovely Custom Royal Enfield Classic 350-Based Bobber

Viserion 350 modified Royal Enfield

Check out this Royal Enfield Classic 350, which has been modified into a beautiful bobber, featuring a black-and-camo paint job

Royal Enfield Classic 350 was introduced in the Indian market back in November 2009, and currently, it is the most popular motorcycle in the brand’s lineup. Due to the bike’s simple architecture and the massive aftermarket support available for it, RE Classic 350 is extremely popular among custom-builders as well, and plenty of modified examples exist all over India.

Here, we have one such modified Classic 350, built by Motorheads Customs. The motorcycle has been named Viserion 350, after the fictional dragon from the popular TV show Game of Thrones. It may not have cream and gold scales, but the motorcycle does have an extremely pretty design, with plenty of details worth noticing.

At the front, the bike gets a round aftermarket LED headlamp, custom fork covers, and a new fender. The single-pod analogue instrument console is offset to the right, and the handlebars sport bar-end mirrors, along with bar-end aftermarket LED indicators. The fuel tank is custom-built and looks larger than the stock tank.

Viserion 350 modified Royal Enfield 4

The cylinder head cover and engine cover are chrome finished, while the fuel tank and side boxes feature a snow camouflage paint scheme (in white, grey and black), much like the dragon itself towards the icy end. The rest of the motorcycle has been blacked out, which looks quite lovely. The battery cover and air box get ‘Viserion 350’ branding on them, along with a custom logo on both.

The single-seat is positioned quite low and has a scooped design, with diamond-pattern stitching on the top. Just behind it, we see a new rear fender, which has a very clean look, as the taillight and numberplate holder are mounted on the left swingarm. The rear indicators are LED units as well, and are mounted on the chrome-finished rear shock absorbers.

Viserion 350 modified Royal Enfield 3

The motorcycle also gets a custom exhaust, and the exhaust pipe gets an insulated wrap. We also see a pair of beautiful machine-cut alloy wheels here, larger at the front and smaller at the rear, shod with block-pattern tyres. The craftsmanship on this custom Royal Enfield is remarkable, and we are extremely impressed by its overall design.