Check Out This Bus Riding On A Wooden Log Instead Of A Wheel

Bus Riding On A Wooden Log

Here is a tourist bus from Russia that can be seen being driven on a wooden log instead of a wheel. Bizzare!

We have often seen some totally bizarre videos from Russia, where an old Lada or some commercial vehicle can be seen being driven in a crazy manner. The latest video, however, is definitely something that would leave you surprised and even shocked. Seen in this video is a tourist bus that is using a wooden log instead of a spare wheel.

We really don’t know how this bus ended up riding on a wooden log. What we do know is that the bus seems to be driving perfectly in a straight line by using the log instead of a spare wheel.

As can be seen in the video, the bus can be seen being towed by a large dump truck, which means it is for sure that this vehicle was involved in some type of mishap, in which it lost a rear wheel. However, ideally, it should have been pulled by a tow truck to a local mechanic shop instead of being pulled in this manner.

But like we’ve said, we have seen some crazy videos from Russia and the latest video is no different in this aspect. Maybe, the bus was being towed in this manner to make sure that the brakes on the rear wheel and the axle isn’t destroyed due to a contact with the tarmac.

It can’t be ascertained simply by looking at the video if the wooden log is strapped on to the wheel hub of the bus or to the leaf spring. However, going by the video, this arrangement looks quite sturdy and does the job pretty well.

However, on a closer inspection of the video, you can notice smoke emerging from the underside of the wooden log. Hence, the log can actually catch fire if it’s dragged along over a long period of time. We highly recommend against the use of any such contraption.