Check Out Royal Enfield “Dunaali”, A Drag Racer With Dustbin Fairing

Royal Enfield Dunaali Greasehouse img1

Greasehouse Customs of Bangalore has built an officially-commissioned custom drag racer based on Royal Enfield Continental GT650

Royal Enfield is the most popular choice of brand for custom motorcycle projects in India, due to the brilliant aftermarket support it enjoys in our country and the easy-to-modify nature of its bikes. Every now and then, Royal Enfield also takes a plunge into the world of its fans, officially commissioning custom builds, thus adding to its heritage.

IndiMotard’s Greasehouse Customs was given a brief by Royal Enfield to build a motorcycle that’s fast and fun, which they definitely did! This custom drag racer, based on an RE Continental GT650, has been christened ‘Dunaali’. The name roughly translates to twin-barrel gun, a symbol of power, which is appropriate for this model.

The most noticeable change here is the massive Dustbin-style fairing at the front. It looks large and bulky, but this handmade carbon-fibre contraption helps with aerodynamics. The fuel tank cover is made of carbon fibre as well, as are the side panels and the tailpiece. It also gets CNC-machined clip-on handlebars and aftermarket grips, although the instrument console remains stock.

Royal Enfield Dunaali Greasehouse img4

The motorcycle also gets an RCB brake master cylinder, along with an UMA Racing quick-throttle, a Rekluse clutch, and a quick-shifter. It gets a pair of rear-set footpegs as well, which are custom. The workshop has also installed custom-built aluminium, like a new subframe, adjustable swingarm, and new yokes with an adjustable rake.

The front forks have been lowered and stiffened, while the stock rear shockers have been replaced by new YSS preload-adjustable shock absorbers. The 18-inch wheels have been replaced by much lighter 17-inchers, and Michelin racing rubber has been installed on both ends. Also, multiple titanium and stainless steel fasteners have been used all around.

Royal Enfield Dunaali Greasehouse img5

There have been enhancements to the powertrain too; the engine reportedly belts out 62.2 HP instead of the stock 47 HP, thanks to high compression pistons from S&S Cycle, larger injectors, Race Dynamics’ Piggyback ECU, and FuelX Autotune systems. Greasehouse even ported and flowed the heads for better performance.

A pair of velocity stacks have been installed for better breathing, and the bike also gets a custom-built two-in-one exhaust. The gains in performance are real! Royal Enfield Dunaali had managed a podium finish at the Vroom drag race in Bangalore, with Lani Zena Fernandez on the seat.