Check Out Kalyani M4, The New Addition To Indian Army’s Garage

Mbombe 4 based Kalyani M4

Kalyani M4 is a multi-purpose armoured vehicle, built for transporting troops in high altitude regions and harsh terrains

Last month, the Indian Army had placed emergency orders for M4 armoured vehicles. The vehicles will be built by Pune-based Bharat Forge (of the Kalyani Group), in partnership with Paramount Group, a South African defence equipment manufacturer. Kalyani M4 has already undergone testing in Ladakh, during the standoff with China.

Kalyani Group had received an order worth Rs. 177.95 crore from the Indian Ministry of Defence. The order is for an undisclosed, but small, number of vehicles. The Army is looking to expand its armoured vehicle inventory, and the requirement is for armoured transport that can carry troops quickly and can operate at high altitude regions without any hiccups.

Kalyani M4 is a multi-role armoured vehicle, designed for use in harsh terrains and regions affected by land mines and IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices), with focus on quick mobility. The vehicle features an innovative flat-floor monocoque hull, and offers ballistic and blast protection from up to 50kg TNT side blast or IED/roadside bombs. The M4 can operate in extreme temperatures as well, ranging from -20oC to 50oC.

Kalyani M4 rear angle

The M4 weighs around 16 tons and can carry a payload of up to 2.3 tons or a crew of eight. The vehicle has an approach angle of 43 degrees and a departure angle of 44 degrees, along with a water fording capacity of 900mm. The driver’s cabin features two large windscreens, which offer good protection as well as a clear view of the surroundings. The glass in the viewports of the M4 can withstand fire from sniper and anti-materiel rifles.

Powering the M4 is a turbocharged, six-cylinder diesel engine, rated at 465 HP of peak power and 1,627 Nm of maximum torque. The top speed is claimed to be 140 kmph, and the vehicle offers a driving range of up to 800 km on a single tank of fuel. It offers a four-wheel-drive system as well, with three air-operated differential locks.

Kalyani M4 front angle

The vehicle rides on run-flat tyres, which are great for combat zones, as they can work even after being shot/punctured for a certain amount of time. Kalyani M4 also gets a driver assist camera system, along with a 16kW air-conditioning system with HEPA filters for the crew, thus keeping soldiers safe as well as comfortable.