30 Cars to Look Out for at 2017 Geneva Motor Show

ABT Audi SQ7

VW group tuning specialist ABT makes the performance oriented Audi SQ7 more powerful and faster with a tuned powertrain and new body parts. It appears more aggressive and muscular than the regular SQ7 and interior also comes redesigned. The 4.0-litre V8 diesel engine generates 83 hp and 70 Nm extra than the regular model.


ABT Sportsline will showcase a limited edition Audi TT, which will be produced in only 50 units. The car will come with upgraded exterior and interior along with power boost compared to the standard model. The 2.5-litre five-cylinder TFSi petrol engine will generate 99 hp and 120 Nm extra than the regular Audi TT.

ABT Audi RS6+ Avant

Among the upgraded offerings from ABT there will be the RS6+ Avant with performance upgrade through the special body kit and engine tuning. The performance-spec wagon will come producing 99 hp and 130 Nm extra power and torque respectively than the stock car. It will come wearing plenty of carbon fibre elements both at exterior and inside the cabin.

AC Schnitzer BMW ACL2S M240i

This car is a heavily modified and retuned model of the popular and sporty BMW M240i, this has been modified by AC Schnitzer. Only 30 units of this performance-spec limited edition will be manufactured post debut at the Geneva Show. It gets sporty body kits giving enhancing the appeal further. It also gets 60 hp power boost than the regular model.

AC Schnitzer BMW i8

The specialised BMW customiser gives the i8 an even more attractive look through the special body kits. With the restyled kidney grille, new front spoiler, winglets, rear wing, side skirts, three-piece diffuser features carbon fibre material enhancing the i8’s sportiness. It comes as lightweight compared to the standard sportscar and runs on 21-inch split-spoke wheels.