Tesla Model 3 Gets 5 Star Rating In NHTSA Crash Test

In the recent crash test conducted by NHTSA, the entry-level Tesla Model 3 received a 5-star safety rating Tesla Model 3 has scored 5-star rating...
Tesla Model 3 sales

Tesla Model 3 Outsells All BMW Cars Sold In The US Last Month

Tesla sold 17,800 units of Model 3 last month in the US, which is an all-time high for vehicle of its type United States of...
Tesla Roadster

Nitin Gadkari Urges Tesla To Start Local Manufacturing In India Soon

Union minister Nitin Gadkari has asked Tesla to start local manufacturing in India, labelling it as a “golden opportunity” for the EV maker Earlier this...

This Tesla Pickup Looks Absolutely Mean: Rendering

Tesla pickup could be electric while possibly looking mean as the firm's boss Elon Musk has cleared his ambition in making such product Tesla is...

Tesla in Talks with Government Over temporary Duty Relief

Tesla aiming to get a temporary import duty relief till a local factory is built; targets to bring Model 3 soon American electric vehicle manufacturer...
Tesla Semi Truck Revealed, Price, Specs, Features, Range, Top Speed 1

Tesla Raises Booking Amount For Semi Truck To $20,000

Tesla Semi Truck’s booking amount is hiked by $5,000; the electric truck is priced from $150,000 (Rs. 97.10 lakh) Tesla unveiled its Semi truck just...

Tesla Model S Fails To Be A Volvo; Botches Auto Brake Test

ILNAS recently conducted an auto brake test with Tesla Model S at speed of just 30 kph, but the Model S didn’t stop and...

Sandhar Mexico to Supply Tesla Model 3 Components

Sandhar Technologies' Mexican plant has been selected to supply two wiper system components for the Tesla Model 3 As American electric vehicle manufacturer Tesla is...