Modified Tesla Model S 3

Modified Tesla Model S Punches Above its Weight

Modified Tesla Model S was tuned by Japanese firm Office-K; the glistening chrome won't let you go past without having a stare at it Office-K...

Tesla Model S P100D Accelerates 0-60 mph in 2.5 Seconds

The American EV maker pledges customers to buy the Tesla Model S P100D and Model X P100D to fund the Model 3 project Tesla is...

Tesla Model S Caught Fire in France

Tesla Model S caught fire in France as per reports; the accident happened during a test drive and the reason behind it is yet...

Tesla Pickup Truck Actually Looks Very Logical and Practical: Rendering

Company boss Elon Musk claims the electric Tesla pickup truck will be a new breed of pickup Tesla planning an electric offensive, which will see...
Tesla Model X

Tesla Autopilot Mode Saves Life; Drives Owner to the Hospital

Tesla's Autopilot mode saves life as the semi-autonomous tech did the job perfectly for 20 miles on the highway and took owner to the...

This Tesla Pickup Looks Absolutely Mean: Rendering

Tesla pickup could be electric while possibly looking mean as the firm's boss Elon Musk has cleared his ambition in making such product Tesla is...

Tesla Considers Two Theories to Explain Autopilot Crash

Tesla considers two theories to explain Autopilot crash as a Floridian was killed in May driving a Model S deploying the semi-autonomous mode Tesla Motors...

Tesla Might Set Up Gigafactory in India Following Nevada Plant

Tesla might set up gigafactory in India; the Nevada facility spans 10 million square feet American EV maker Tesla might set up its Gigafactory in...