India bound Tesla Model 3 launched

Tesla Model 3 Sold Out For Full Production Year as Demands Increase

Tesla Model 3 sold out for full production year as deliveries for new reservations are estimated for the middle of 2018 In a reaction to...
India bound Tesla Model 3 launched-3

Tesla Is More Valuable to Investors than Ford

Tesla passes Ford in market value; the EV maker is valued $47 billion compared to Ford’s $45 billion American EV manufacturer Tesla has passed another...

GM Exec Slams Elon Musk’s Level 5 Autonomous Driving Tech As ‘Full of Crap’

GM’s director of autonomous integration Scott Miller has mocked the Tesla boss; snubs the EV maker’s Level 5 autonomous driving tech Autonomous driving technology is...
2019 Tesla Roadster Unveiled - Price, Specs, Range, Features, Top Speed

Tesla Shockingly Spends $8,000 Every Minute

Tesla is spending around $1 billion every quarter; could run out of cash by August 2018 Tesla is bringing up surprises one after another. After...

Tesla in Talks with Government Over temporary Duty Relief

Tesla aiming to get a temporary import duty relief till a local factory is built; targets to bring Model 3 soon American electric vehicle manufacturer...

Tesla Model S Autopilot Failed in China Reportedly

Tesla Model S Autopilot failed in China again; the first incident of Tesla Autopilot failure was reported in Florida earlier this year Tesla’s trouble with...
Tesla Model 3 1

Tesla To Build Its EV Plant In China Bypassing India

Tesla decided to award China with its first production plant outside US; Indian policy to blame for missing the chance? It appears Indian government has...
tesla model s p100d

Tesla’s Autopilot Partly Blamed For Latest Fatal Crash

The Tesla Model S crashed due to lack of Autopilot safeguards, driver’s inattentiveness and overconfidence Tesla is once again making headlines for a wrong reason....