Tesla Model I front angle

Tesla Model I Bookings Open In India At Rs. 19.9 Lakh, Offers 976 Km...

The Model I will initially be limited to India, but Tesla is planning to export it to other international markets by April next year Elon...
Tesla Model 3 Orange Wrapped-1

This Orange-Wrapped Tesla Model 3 Looks Alluring!

This Tesla Model 3 has got modifications worth $10,000 (approx. Rs 7.57 lakh), which include this orange wrap, custom springs, sway bars and alloy...
Modified Tesla Model S 3

Modified Tesla Model S Punches Above its Weight

Modified Tesla Model S was tuned by Japanese firm Office-K; the glistening chrome won't let you go past without having a stare at it Office-K...
2021 Tesla Model 3 feature

Finally, Tesla To Launch Model 3 By June 2021 In India – Report

The Tesla Model 3 is the most affordable car in the American carmaker’s range, and is available in RWD and AWD variants After a lot...
Tesla Model 3 Wading Flooded Street

Cretinous Tesla Owners From China, Wade Flooded Roads Carelessly

Electricity and water are not friends, but these videos of Tesla Model 3 examples making their way through flooded streets say something else No doubt,...
Tactical Combat Tesla Cybertruck Rendering-1

These Combat-Ready Tesla Cybertruck Renderings Will Leave You In Awe

Ironically, the Tesla Cybertruck's armoured glass had a failed demo at the EV's unveiling in November last year, which left the truck with two...

PepsiCo Makes Biggest Pre-Order Of 100 Tesla Semi Trucks

Tesla Semi Truck comes with Enhanced Autopilot and has 500 mile (804 km) EV range; can do 0-96 kmph in just five seconds without...
tesla cyber truck pics-5

Tesla Cybertruck Breaks Cover With 800 Km Range And Bonkers Design

Tesla Cybertruck is claimed to be bulletproof against a 9 mm handgun and it can be had in three different configurations Tesla has today revealed...