Be Alert: Car Thief Targeting Dealerships In Bengaluru


He stole a Duster from Trident Renault on 28th March (Monday) and then he took a Scorpio from Sireesh Auto on June 6th which is again a Monday

We are living in an era where everything is technically advanced whether it’s our smartphone, laptop, cars or even thieves – yes you read it right. The way these bad boys are thinking of doing some robbery or theft is something which even our police force is not able to match. Last week we reported about chemical spray biker gang in Delhi.

This time, it is about a car thief who targets dealerships in ORR (Outer Ring Road) region of Bengaluru. He comes to dealership as a normal man and his appearance is like a gym worked out physique. He is smart looking, tall and has beard just like a high end customer. His dress code is jean, t-shirt, cap, high-end watch, shoe and phone in hand mostly and coolers hanging in t-shirt mostly.

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Renault Duster Sandstorm Launched In India - Price, Specs, Features, Interior, Exterior, EngineHe mostly do his thefts on Mondays as it is generally a busy day for the people at dealerships as they are finishing up work from Saturdays and assigning about duties for the coming week. He stole a Duster from Trident Renault on 28th March (Monday) and then he took a Scorpio from Sireesh Auto on June 6t which is again a Monday.

Both these dealerships are situated in ORR area and within 5 km of distance from each other. From CCVT cameras in dealerships, police have got the images of car thief and they expect him to strike again as he was successful couple of times. Police have asked most of the dealerships to improve their security and make executives aware about this crime.

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Mahindra-Scorpio-2.jpgThese thieves are so well planned and don’t leave much information to trace them even though we can’t hide anything from this 24×7 online world. In recent times, thefts are increasing and Police are not able to find all these criminals or they are yet to stop them doing this. We hope that Police will catch him and these type of criminals won’t emerge again.