Car Sales September 2022 – Maruti, Hyundai, Tata, Mahindra, Kia, Toyota

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Maruti Suzuki finished on top of the sales charts in the month of September 2022 ahead of Hyundai, Tata and Mahindra

The Indian automotive industry garnered a wholesale of 3,55,946 units in the month of September 2022 – making it the highest ever wholesale in history. The overall growth stood at 91 per cent over last year due to the steady recovery the industry has been making since production was curtailed by the chip shortage last year.

This has also been the sixth month on the trot the wholesale numbers have exceeded that of the retail. The Maruti Suzuki Alto was the most sold passenger car in the country with 24,700 units as the arrival of the new-gen Alto K10 has really helped in upping its volumes while the Brezza compact SUV beat Nexon for the second month running.

Maruti Suzuki has also commenced dispatching the Grand Vitara and its deliveries have begun across the country. This was also the first time a single quarter sales exceeded one million units as a total of 10.27 lakh units led to a growth of 38.5 per cent. In September 2022, Maruti Suzuki led the way with 42 per cent market share at a gain of 7.8 per cent.

Car Brands (MoM) September 2022 Sales September 2021 Sales
1. Maruti Suzuki (135.1%) 1,48,380 63,111
2. Hyundai (50.2%) 49,700 33,087
3. Tata (85.2%) 47,655 25,729
4. Mahindra (168.3%) 34,508 12,863
5. Kia (79.1%) 25,857 14,441
6. Toyota (65.6%) 15,378 9,284
7. Honda (28.8%) 8,714 6,765
8. Renault (4.1%) 7,623 7,326
9. VW (60.1%) 4,103 2,563
10. MG (17.5%) 3,808 3,241
11. Skoda (17%) 3,543 3,027
12. Nissan (12.8%) 3,177 2,816
13. Citroen (1825%) 1,386 72
14. FCA (-14.9%) 1,116 1,311

The Indo-Japanese brand recorded 1,48,380 units against 63,111 units with a YoY surge of 135.1 per cent. Hyundai continued to finish second with 49,700 units against 33,087 units with a YoY growth of 50.2 per cent while Tata Motors was breathing down its neck in third with 47,655 units against 25,729 units.

Its highest ever monthly sales tally led to a YoY volume increase of 85.2 per cent. Mahindra posted 34,508 units against 12,863 units in September 2021 with a YoY surge of just above 168 per cent while Kia finished in the fifth position with 25,857 units against 14,441 units with a YoY growth of 79.1 per cent.

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Toyota was the sixth most sold car maker in the country last month ahead of Honda, Renault, Volkswagen, MG, Skoda, Nissan, Citroen and FCA. Except for FCA, all other manufacturers recorded positive YoY sales growth. The festive season is only predicted to amp up the volume sales further till the end of this year.