Volkswagen’s Export From India Saw 34.7% Growth In September 2017

Demonetisation hit auto industry reduces production

Volkswagen registered 8,237 units of export in September 2017; recorded 4,603 unit sales in domestic market

Volkswagen has become the top exporter among the auto majors present in India. The German brand that exports made-in-India models to several global markets including Latin American countries has registered a growth of 34.7% in September 2017 compared to the same month last year. The brand shipped 8,237 units last month compared to 6,115 units in September 2016.

In the domestic market too, Volkswagen recorded 17.15% growth last month, as it registered 4,603 units compared to 3,929 units in same month last year. Among the other brands, only Toyota has managed to post a significant growth in its domestic sales record in September 2017. If we talk about domestic market, only Mahindra and Honda posted above 20% growth. The new models and SUVs drive the growth in the PV segment.

Car Export from India in September 2017

Automaker Units exported in September 2017 and Growth Percentage
Maruti Suzuki 11,671 units (1.3%)
Hyundai 12,257 units (-26.19%)
Mahindra 772 units (30.64%)
Honda 413 units (1.9%)
Tata 280 units (32.53%)
Toyota 1,343 units (22.09%)
Renault 1,010 units (-25.41%)
Ford 7,756 units (42.85%)
Nissan 6,389 units (-46.75%)
Volkswagen 8,237 units (34.7%)

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The increased demand during festive season played crucial role for the automakers in last month. Country’s biggest passenger car manufacturer Maruti Suzuki has seen 10.3% growth with 1,51,400 units registered last month. The second biggest brand Hyundai recorded 50,028 units in the same month that marked a growth of 17.4%.

India’s biggest SUV maker Mahindra sold 25,327 units posting 23% growth, while Honda registered 21% growth with 18.257 units. Another homegrown auto major Tata Motors also recorded 18% growth with 17,286 units compared to 14,601 units one year ago. The sales growth for Tata Motors is attributed to the brand’s new models like Tiago, Tigor, Hexa and the latest entrant in its portfolio Nexon.

Domestic Car Sales in India in September 2017:

Automaker Units Sold in September 2017 and Growth Percentage
Maruti Suzuki India 1,51,400 units (10.3%)
Hyundai Motor India 50,028 units (17.4%)
Mahindra 25,327 units (23%)
Honda 18,257 units (21%)
Tata 17,286 units (18%)
Toyota 12,335 units (2.22%)
Renault 10,874 units (-10.45%)
Ford 8,769 units (-3.7%)
Nissan 5,003 units (0.91%)
Volkswagen 4,603 units (17.15%)

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French auto major Renault that started a new trend in the hatchback segment with Kwid, is clearly bleeding with declining sales. It has seen the domestic sales dipped by 10.45% in September 2017 when the brand registered 10,874 units compared to 12,147 units in same month previous year. The Indian auto industry is hopeful to see major boost in sales in coming months. The export figures too are expected to grow significantly.