Car Sales Rises by 13% in December 2015, Growth for the 14th Month in a Row

Maruti Alto tops Cars sales in April 2015

Car sales rises by 13% in December 2015 while 2-wheeler sales continues to face declination and resulted in overall fall of 0.17%

The car industry has endured a growth of 13 percent in the last month of 2015 as the sales surged for the 14th month in succession. However, the continuous downturn in motorcycle sales has become a major concern as rural and semi-urban areas had gone through difficult times due to the insufficient rainfall in the country.

While the deceleration in rural economy has become an influential factor in motorcycle sales decline, the semi-urban and urban population are opting for scooters rather than bikes, divulges the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM). With more customers leaning towards buying scooters and therein came new products being introduced by manufacturers, the segment has seen a 3 percent increase with total sales of 3.86 lakh which is 12,000 units higher compared to the corresponding month in 2014 with 3.74 lakh sold vehicles.

SIAM’s latest sales report suggest the car industry has completed the month of December 2015 with a total sales figure of 1.73 lakh units which is 20,000 more compared to the same month the previous year. The year-end discount sales has played it vital role as the growth laboured passenger vehicle sales to 2.31 lakh as against 2.09 lakh units in the corresponding month a year ago.

Maruti Suzuki has continued to dominate the Indian scenes with Alto continued to be the best-selling product with Swift Dzire, Wagon-R and Swift hatchback have all been pushing out maximum sales for the largest car manufacturer in India. The successful arrival of the Baleno premium hatchback spring-boarded the Indo-Japanese into premium segment as well with Renault Kwid more likely to shuffle the pecking order in 2016.

In the commercial vehicle segment, the industry has encountered an impressive surge of 12 percentage. About 56,840 CVs were sold in December 2015 in comparison to the same month in the previous year with 50,999 units. Despite the highly-appreciable steady rate of growth in cars, scooters and commercial vehicles, the 6 percent drop-off in motorcycle sales has resulted in the overall year-on-year decline of industry growth by 0.17 percentage as it accounts for huge number of production.

The motorcycle sector winded out December 2015 at around 7.25 lakh vehicles, which is 45,000 down, against 7.70 lakh units in the same month of the previous year. This in turn led to 3 percent drop in total two-wheeler Y-O-Y sales as 11.68 lakh units were retailed against 12.05 vehicles.

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