BYD’s New 1100 Bhp Electric Supercar Gets A Bounce Feature

byd YangWang E9-5

BYD showcased its first electric supercar, the YangWang U9 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Gets 1100 bhp and advanced Disus-X suspension technology

BYD (Build Your Dreams), the world’s largest EV manufacturer unveiled its first-ever all-electric supercar, the YangWang U9 at the Shanghai Auto Show. Besides the modern design, powerful powertrain and top-class features that we expect from a supercar, the U9 also gets a new feature that lets it bounce and drive on just 3 wheels. Yes, you read that right, this system is way more advanced than what we see on the Mercedes Benz GLS Maybach.

BYD calls this feature the Disus-X suspension system and it uses a slew of electronic as well as mechanical tech to move the suspension in various directions. The Chinese EV manufacturer even executed a live demo of the supercar’s suspension abilities at the motor show. This Disus-X system is a combination of individual systems i.e.

Intelligent Body Control System (Disus-C), Intelligent Hydraulic Body Control System (Disus-P) and Intelligent Air Body Control System (Disus-A). These systems work in symphony to provide complex vertical, lateral and longitudinal motion control.

byd YangWang E9-7

The bounce feature lets the supercar swing in multiple directions and for a fraction of a second, even lifts the car up in the air. That means all four wheels are in the air and the feature was demonstrated by a slow-motion shot at the motor show. Along with this, the system lets the four-wheeler run on 3 wheels, i.e. a missing wheel section lifted up in the air.

This feature can come in handy in the case of a flat tyre and is quite practical. The company claims that these features can be helpful in reducing body roll, mitigating the risk of a rollover during high-speed cornering and assisting in emergency braking scenarios.

byd YangWang E9-6

The supercar is based on BYD’s Yisigang electric-specific platform. Sporting four electric motors, the U9 comes with a colossal 1100 bhp and 1280 Nm of peak torque. This drivetrains setup lets the supercar do the 0-100 kmph run in just 2 seconds. There is no information on the battery capacity as of now, however, company claims a range of 700 kilometres on a single charge.