Buy Petrol/Diesel, Get a Bike Free – Petrol Pumps Now Luring Customers With Free Gifts

Buy Petrol:Diesel, Get a Bike Free – Petrol Pumps Now Luring Customers With Free Gifts

In order to maintain a steady sale, Petrol Pumps in Madhya Pradesh are reportedly giving its customers a chance to win a motorcycle, air-conditioner, refrigerator, laptop etc

Madhya Pradesh has the highest VAT on petrol and diesel, which makes the two fuels in this state have some of the highest prices across the country. Thanks to the really high costs, many drivers, especially commercial vehicle users, that pass through Madhya Pradesh prefer refuelling in neighboring states. By doing so, they save a fair bit on the fuel expenditures.

Manoj Arora, a petrol pump owner, revealed that the difference in the price of diesel between MP and the bordering states is in tune of Rs 5/litre. This has led to huge losses as many vehicles prefer to tank up after crossing through Madhya Pradesh.

Now, however, the petrol pump owners in Madhya Pradesh have taken notice of this and are offering attractive prizes to lure people to tank up. Anuj Khandelwal, another petrol pump owner in MP, recently revealed that his fuel station is offering free breakfast or tea to truck drivers who purchase 100 litres of diesel.

Buy Petrol-Diesel, Get a Bike Free – Petrol Pumps Now Luring Customers With Free Gifts 2

“We are offering a mobile, a bicycle, or a wristwatch for 5,000 litres, for 15,000 litres an almirah, a sofa set or a 100gm silver coin. On purchase of 25,000 litres of diesel customers can get an automatic washing machine, for 50,000 litres a split AC or a laptop and for one lakh litres we have offered a scooter or motorcycle,” he added.

Anuj also revealed that these offers seem to be having the desired effect as sales of diesel has picked up in the last few days. Many truck drivers purchase 100 litres of fuel in order to get the free meal. Madhya Pradesh has 22% VAT on diesel and 27% on petrol.