Bugatti 100p Airplane Replica Crashed During Test Flight, Pilot Killed


Bugatti 100p replica plane named as ‘Blue Dream’was designed following the Bugatti Model 100

Bugatti 100p was certainly one of the finest examples of bringing back history in present time reality. The replica airplane has been designed following the Bugatti Model 100, which has been an unfinished dream project way back in 1939. The replica has crashed on Saturday morning at the Clinton Sherman airfield in Burns Flat in Oklahoma, US. The designer and the pilot of the replica Scotty Wilson has died in the crash.

The replica airplane was named as the ‘Blue Dream’. The plane took off nice and safe, but within minutes, it suddenly banked hard on left and dived before crashing nose first. Within seconds after crash the wooden frame craft erupted into flame. This was the third test flight of the beautiful replica aircraft. Incidentally, in last August too, the airplane suffered a minor crash during a test flight.


Reports suggest the ‘Blue Dream’ was not flying very high. It was not even climbing at a higher speed. The reason of the crash is still unknown. The Bugatti Model 100 was a purpose built airplane designed to compete in air races. Ettore Bugatti tried his hand on few projects outside automobiles, and this was one of them. The project was not finished though; therefore the original prototype never flew.


It was Ettore Bugati’s envision for a fast fighter airplane during World War II. In 2011 Scotty Wilson and John Lawson started working on the replica project. It was showcased at the 2011 EAA Airventure Airshow. The replica was powered by a pair of Suzuki Hayabusa motorcycle engines. While the original Model 100 was equipped with twin 4.9 litre Bugatti Type 50P Straight 8 engines kicking out 450 hp each.


The Bugatti Model 100 was measured 7.75 meter in length, with a wing span of 8 meter. The 2.24 meter tall airplane weighs 1,400 kilogram.

Image Source: Facebook