BS6 Toyota Innova Crysta Launched From Rs. 15.36 Lakh, Bookings Open

bs6 toyota innova crysta launched

The prices of the BSVI Toyota Innova Crysta have increased by Rs. 23,000 for petrol MT and up to Rs. 1.12 lakh for diesel MT variants

Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) has today officially announced the commencement of the bookings for its top-selling Innova Crysta in its BSVI avatar while revealing prices. The premium MPV will continue to be offered in petrol (2.7-litre) and diesel (2.4-litre) engines, upgraded to meet BSVI emission standards.

They are paired with either a standard manual or an automatic transmission. The 2.8-litre diesel is no more though. The Innova Crysta has been responsible for garnering large volumes alongside the Fortuner within the domestic portfolio ever since it went on sale in 2016. It created a niche for itself by capitalising on the high resale value and loyal customer base the company has managed to retain over the years.

The cleaner emission norms meant that the regulatory vehicle emission limits for particulate matter 2.5 will be similar irrespective of the size and the type of fuel being run. The Japanese manufacturer claims that the Innova Crysta has a segment share of 40 per cent and to celebrate the kick-off of the BSVI reservations, Toyota has also revealed a “celebratory price” for a limited time period with customer orders taken in a limited number for that.

Toyota Innova Crysta Diesel Variants BSIV Price BSVI Price Difference
2.4 G 7S MT Rs. 15.22 lakh Rs. 16.14 lakh Rs. 92,000
2.4 G 8S MT Rs. 15.27 lakh Rs. 16.19 lakh Rs. 92,000
2.4 G+ 7S MT Rs. 15.87 lakh Rs. 16.79 lakh Rs. 92,000
2.4 G+ 8S MT Rs. 15.92 lakh Rs. 16.84 lakh Rs. 92,000
2.4 GX 7S MT Rs. 16.25 lakh Rs. 17.17 lakh Rs. 92,000
2.4 GX 8S MT Rs. 16.30 lakh Rs. 17.22 lakh Rs. 92,000
2.4 VX 7S MT Rs. 19.47 lakh Rs. 20.59 lakh Rs. 1.12 lakh
2.4 VX 8S MT Rs. 19.52 lakh Rs. 20.64 lakh Rs. 1.12 lakh
2.4 ZX 7S MT Rs. 21.33 lakh Rs. 22.13 lakh Rs. 80,000
2.4 GX 7S AT Rs. 17.66 lakh Rs. 18.17 lakh Rs. 51,000
2.4 GX 8S AT Rs. 17.71 lakh Rs. 18.22 lakh Rs. 51,000
2.4 ZX 7S AT Rs. 22.63 lakh Rs. 23.02 lakh Rs. 39,000
Touring Sport 2.4 VX 7S MT Rs. 21.17 lakh Rs. 21.97 lakh Rs. 80,000
Touring Sport 2.4 ZX 7S AT Rs. 23.67 lakh Rs. 24.06 lakh Rs. 39,000

Toyota Innova Crysta india

The BSVI-spec Innova Crysta and the top-of-the-line Touring Sport variant cost in the range of Rs. 15.36 lakh and Rs. 24.06 lakh (both prices, ex-showroom New Delhi) respectively. The second-generation Toyota Innova Crysta recorded nearly 2.70 lakh units in the domestic market so far and as a whole, close to 9 lakh units of the Innova have been sold over the last 15 years.

The deliveries of the BSVI compliant Toyota Innova Crysta will begin from next month onwards across the nation and is subjected to the availability of the BSVI fuel. Sticking by the more stringent emission regulations, the MPV’s prices have gone up by Rs. 23,000 for petrol MT and up to Rs. 1.12 lakh for the diesel MT variants.

Toyota Innova Crysta Petrol Variants BSIV Price BSVI Price Difference
2.7 ZX 7S MT Rs. 15.13 lakh Rs. 15.36 lakh Rs. 23,000
2.7 ZX 8S MT Rs. 15.18 lakh Rs. 15.41 lakh Rs. 23,000
2.7 VX 7S MT Rs. 18.27 lakh Rs. 18.70 lakh Rs. 43,000
2.7 ZX 7S AT Rs. 21.23 lakh Rs. 21.34 lakh Rs. 11,000
2.7 GX 7S AT Rs. 16.35 lakh Rs. 16.58 lakh Rs. 23,000
2.7 GX 8S AT Rs. 16.40 lakh Rs. 16.63 lakh Rs. 23,000
Touring Sport 2.7 VX 7S MT Rs. 19.12 lakh Rs. 19.23 lakh Rs. 11,000
Touring Sport 2.7 ZX 7S AT Rs. 21.91 lakh Rs. 22.02 lakh Rs. 11,100

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To make the offering attractive for the buyers, the BSVI Innova Crysta comes with Vehicle Stability Control (VSC), Hill Assist Control (HAC) and Emergency Brake Signal (EBS) as standard technologies across the range.