Maruti Ignis, Baleno, XL6 Price Hiked By Upto Rs. 25,000 – New Vs Old Prices

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Maruti Suzuki has increased prices of its Nexa models and here we give a complete list of the updated price table

Maruti Suzuki India Limited (MSIL) has started reaping benefits by being the first manufacturer to expand its BSVI portfolio aggressively. Since April 2019, Maruti Suzuki has been launching its BSVI vehicles and currently eleven models are compliant with the more stringent emission standards coming into effect from April 2020.

The India-Japanese manufacturer has crossed more than five lakh unit sales of BSVI models already and the prices have been increased. The BSVI compliant Baleno has seen a price increase of Rs. 5,000 on the Sigma variant and the hike stands at Rs. 8,000 and Rs. 3,200 for the Delta and Zeta variants respectively for the regular petrol engine.

The range-topping Zeta BSVI petrol’s price has gone up by Rs. 5,900 to Rs. 7.64 lakh. For the automatic variants, the prices have gone up by up to Rs. 8,000 and the hybrid petrol model sees similar increase as well. The facelifted version of the Ignis unveiled globally could debut in the coming months.

Maruti Nexa Model (Variant) Old Ex-Showroom Price New Ex-Showroom Price Difference
Baleno BS6 Sigma Petrol Rs. 5,55,602 Rs. 5,63,602 Rs. 5,000
Baleno BSVI Delta Petrol Rs. 6,36,612 Rs. 6,44,612 Rs. 8,000
Baleno BSVI Zeta Petrol Rs. 6,97,912 Rs. 7,01,112 Rs. 3,200
Baleno BS6 Alpha Petrol Rs. 7,58,212 Rs. 7,64,112 Rs. 5,900
Baleno BS6 Delta Automatic Petrol Rs. 7,68,612 Rs. 7,76,612 Rs. 8,000
Baleno BS6 Delta Smart Hybrid Petrol Rs.7,25,412 Rs. 7,33,412 Rs. 8,000
Baleno BS6 Zeta Automatic Petrol Rs. 8,29,912 Rs. 8,33,112 Rs. 3200
Baleno BS6 Zeta Smart Hybrid Petrol Rs. 7,86,712 Rs. 7,89,912 Rs. 3200
Baleno BS6 Alpha Automatic Petrol Rs. 8,90,212 Rs. 8,96,112 Rs. 5,900
Ignis Sigma Petrol BS4 Rs. 4,74,373 Rs. 4,83,320 Rs. 8,947
Ignis Delta Petrol BS4 Rs. 5,35,645 Rs. 5,60,841 Rs. 25,196
Ignis Zeta Petrol BS4 Rs. 5,77,768 Rs. 5,83,320 Rs. 5,552
Ignis Alpha Petrol BS4 Rs. 6,62,994 Rs. 6,66,898 Rs. 3,904
Ignis Delta Petrol AMT  Rs. 5,82,645 Rs. 6,07,841 Rs. 25,196
Ignis Zeta Petrol AMT Rs. 6,24,768 Rs. 6,30,320 Rs. 5,552
Ignis Alpha Petrol AMT Rs. 7,09,994 Rs. 7,13,898 Rs. 3,904
XL6 Zeta Petrol BS6 Rs. 9,79,689 Rs. 9,84,689 Rs. 5,000
XL6  Alpha Petrol BS6 Rs. 10,36,189 Rs. 10,41,189 Rs. 5,000
XL6 Zeta Automatic Petrol Rs. 10,89,689 Rs. 10,94,689 Rs. 5,000
XL6 Automatic Alpha Petrol BS6 Rs. 11,46,189 Rs. 11,51,189 Rs. 5,000

The Ignis has been the most impacted as the hatchback sold from Nexa has witnessed up to Rs. 25,196 price jump for the Delta petrol AMT. The Sigma variant of the Ignis has encountered price increase of Rs. 8,947 while the Delta petrol sees a hike of Rs. 5,552 and for Alpha petrol, it stands at Rs. 3,904.

maruti suzuki xl6

As the BSVI version of the Ciaz sedan was launched only a few days ago in the range between Rs. 8.31 lakh and Rs. 11.09 lakh (ex-showroom), its prices remain, as does the price tags of the S-Cross as well. The crossover is expected to receive a new petrol engine with SHVS technology soon and it will likely be the same powertrain used in Eritga, XL6 and Ciaz.

The other model retailed from Nexa, XL6, has also endured a price hike. The Zeta petrol variant of the XL6 is now priced at Rs. 9.84 lakh and it goes all the way up to Rs. 11.51 lakh (ex-showroom). Throughout its range, the prices have gone up by Rs. 5,000. The XL6 has been well-received among customers since its debut late last year.