Brand New VW Polo Topples At Showroom Gate Soon After Delivery

New VW Polo Showroom Accident-1

A brand new VW Polo topples as the driver lost control of the vehicle at the start of the first drive and crashed into the gate of the showroom

Over the last few years, we’ve come across some really weird scenarios that should not have happened in the first place. However, at times, things get out of hands within moments and people end up finding themselves inviting trouble, well, lots of it. Case in the point here is this recent accident of a brand spanking new VW Polo that seems to have happened at a dealership down south.

With the auto sector coming back into action since last month, most dealerships have resumed operations and deliveries of the new car have also started happening again. The video recording you see on this page comes from the CCTV cameras of one such dealership. As can be seen in the initial few seconds, a white-colour VW Polo has just been handed over to its owner who is all set to roll off the showroom.

Heck, you can even clearly hear the applause by the dealership staff as the new owner prepares himself for the first-ever drive in his new vehicle. Within the next few moments, the new car starts moving forward but then what happens next is something that none of the staff members or even the driver of the new Polo would have ever anticipated.

Within moments of the start of the drive, the VW Polo picks up speed, a bit too much for its own good. Over here, it’s quite clear to make out that the driver has, by now, lost control over the vehicle. Next the car is seen crashing into what seems to be a metal gate. The speed and the angle at which this impact took place was enough to toss the Polo in air and it lands on its roof. All of this happens within seconds, even before anyone could clearly comprehend what went wrong.

However, the CCTV footage clearly shows that the driver was not in control of the vehicle. Most probably, he got overwhelmed from the excitement of driving his new car for the first time ever, along with what could be some nervousness that commonly affects new drivers. As a result, the poor chap ends up having his car upside down within moments of taking its delivery.

This incident is a clear example of how things can go wrong when an inexperienced driver pilots his car for the first time ever. As much as all the excitement from owing a new vehicle is completely understandable, we really urge all new drivers to take an experienced driver along to take the delivery of the new vehicle and let the other guy drive you home safely.