Tech-Rich Bosch Interior Concept Showcased at 2017 CES

Bosch Interior Concept 2017 CES

The innovative Bosch Interior Concept lacks traditional steering wheel and is replaced by a wooden trimmed piece with two handle like structures

Similar to what happened in 2016, Bosch has introduced a stellar concept model at the ongoing international CES (Consumer Electronics Show) in Las Vegas to provide an immersive interior laden with highly advanced tech.

Glancing over the interior, it is obvious to note the absence of a traditional steering wheel. It has been replaced by a wooden trimmed piece with two handle like structures and that about it. To make up for the conventional rim, the driver in the cockpit gets a undisturbed display screen that shows all the necessary information.

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Bosch Interior Concept 2017 CES 6

Right next to the main display in the centre of dashboard is another display that acts as gauge cluster and adjacent to it the co-passenger will get access to one more screen. Wait, that is not over as a fourth display runs down the centre console making the entire system cluttered free.

The futuristic interior theme also comprises of a driver monitor camera which is configured to remember individual preferential settings as per needs of drivers. Resultantly, it will save seating, wing mirror positioning, perhaps drive mode setting, steering wheel adaptation and several others.

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Bosch Interior Concept 2017 CES 1

Moreover, it will also be responsible for in-car entertainment by tuning into favourite music, temperature adjustments, alert driver when he falls asleep, intimate must-know alert warnings, etc. Another important feature is the touchscreen systems it is capable of issuing haptic feedback.

Bosch believes in personalisation as the next step in connectivity and it wants to give customers products and services acting as assistance for the consumer. According to Werner Struth, member of the board of management at Bosch, the German electronics conglomerate will live up to the demands of innovation and has the goal of bringing the concepts into reality.