The Promising Bollinger B1 Is A Serious Electric Off-Roader


The Bollinger B1 can be used as an SUV or a pick-up truck; comes with AWD

New York based start-up Bollinger Motors has revealed an unique modular SUV that can be used as a pickup truck as well and what’s more interesting, this vehicle is powered by an all-electric powertrain. The start-up is claiming that this is the world’s first all-electric sport utility truck with exceptional off-roading capability. Yes, it comes with All Wheel Drive system too. Interested buyers can book the SUV online by paying $1,000 (Rs. 63,649).

Christened as the Bollinger B1 the electric vehicle sports a very clean and minimalistic design. It uses an aluminium architecture in attempt to keep the weight low and the start-up claims that its weight is distributed 50/50. At the first glimpse, this SUV looks like a modified Land Rover Series 1 with a hardtop. But, clearly there are plenty of differences.


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As we have already said, the boxy SUV looks very minimalist at exterior. Inside the cabin too the clean look continues. If you are looking for luxurious elements inside, it will disappoint you. As the Bollinger Motors says, it only gets necessary controls to operate the vehicle. This modular SUV can be used a pickup truck with the rear hard top roof removed.

Dimensionally, the vehicle measures 3,810 mm in length and it has a width of 2,667 mm. Bollinger Motors claims that the vehicle comes with approach and departure angles of 56 degree and 53 degree respectively. Also, it has a massive ground clearance of 393.7 mm. The start-up also claims that this vehicle rides on fully adjustable, self leveling independent hydro-pneumatic suspension set up with disconnectable anti-roll bars.


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If needed, the suspension setup can be raised up to 508 mm in order to make the vehicle capable of hardcore off-roading thanks to the full-time AWD system it is equipped with. The vehicle can tow around three tone of weight easily. For power, the Bollinger B1 relies on two electric motors powering each axle. The electric powertrain kicks out a combined power output of 362 hp and 640 Nm of peak torque.

To deliver energy to the electric motors the Bollinger B1 gets a 60kWh battery pack and there is a more powerful 100kWh battery pack as well. The 60kWh battery pack equipped vehicle can run around 193 kilometre without recharging, while the more powerful model can run 322 kilometre on a fully charged battery. The 60kWh battery takes 7 hours to be fully charged, while the bigger battery takes around 12 hours. There is a fast charging option through which the batteries can be charged in 45 minutes and 75 minutes respectively.

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