BMW Z4 Ceases Production; Successor Arriving Mid-2018


BMW Z4 ceases production; successor dubbed as Z5 will be arriving in two years and is likely to have plug-in hybrid drivetrain

BMW has confirmed that the production of Z4 sportscar has ended and it will be succeeded by Z5 moniker set to be introduced in the middle parts of 2018. The two-seater roadster saw the second generation model entering international markets in 2009 but it was not well received among customers against the likes of Porsche Boxster, Nissan 370Z and Mercedes-Benz SLK despite having a cutesy appearance. The Z5 is expected to be offered with hybrid powertrain and four-wheel drive as option while deriving design inspirations from the Z3.

The existing E89 Z4 will be followed by the G29 Z4 (or Z5) which is going to be built alongside the forthcoming Toyota Supra as the partnership between both the auto giants is reaching another phase. It will be based on an all-new platform as the new avatar Supra. As we approach the launch of the much-hyped roadster due to the links between the Bavarian and Japanese brands, new spy pictures have started to emerge on the internet.

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2018-BMW-Z4 side

The outdated E89 Z4 has so far been made available with a 2.0-litre petrol engine pushing out different states of power. Alongside the smaller powerplant, the Z4 also comes strapped with 2.5-litre six-cylinder engine as well as the larger 3.0-litre motor in three varying states of tune. The original Z4 came to the fore after BMW opted to ditch the Z3 in 2002. Despite initially being a soft-top model, the current generation Z4 had folding hard-top roof.

As for the G29 Z4, the heavily disguised test mules do not highlight much of styling details but it will likely have a new aggressive headlamp cluster while keeping the rear design same as current model. With the short rear deck and longer bonnet, it might retain similar proportions to the outgoing roadster.

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2018-BMW-Z4 rear

The dual exhausts sit on either side at the rear which points at a Z4 M40i variant equipped with the new B58 turbo inline six-cylinder engine. It could play a big role in introducing a hybridized variant on the future roadsters by bearing a plug-in hybrid on itself. It will be manufactured by Magna-Steyr at the Graz plant in Austria.
Source: BMWblog