BMW Vision Next 100 Concept Revealed

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 7

BMW celebrated 100 years at its first-ever factory with the unveiling of a new self-driving BMW Vision Next 100 concept in Munich, Germany

BMW celebrated 100 years at its first-ever factory with the unveiling of a new self-driving concept in Munich, Germany. The Vision Next 100 announces a series of four concept cars under development at the brand’s motorsport arm besides its subsidiaries Rolls-Royce and Mini.

The concept displays the future of the German manufacturer with innovative autonomous driving and digital-based interaction technologies. BMW was originally formed from an aero engine operation at Rapp Motorenwerk a century of years ago and the Vision Next 100 looks to emulate the success of the brand by transferring all its core values into the future.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 6

With the shift from manual to autonomous driving not far away, the new concept showcased the company’s perception of the futuristic technology. It is built on a combination of carbon-fibre and plastic materials with different assembly processes to what has been in use today.

The concept retains shape of a traditional coupe with the practicality of a sedan – in contrary to the lavish concepts introduced in recent times by its rivals. BMW sticks by its conventional sedan body styles as opposed to going with the recent trends like small SUVs or crossover.

The design of the Vision Next 100 is influenced by the successfully-running i8 model with the signature kidney grille and L-shaped tail lamps but it’s devoid of the B-pillars. The attractive free-flow styling described as ‘Alive Geometry‘ helps in attaining a very-low drag coefficient of 0.18

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 2

It measures 4900 mm in length and 1370 mm in height and is 10 mm shorter and sits 100 mm lower than the current generation 5 Series. When driver comes near the car with a smart key, the stylish wing doors automatically opens. A slight tap at the BMW emblem embossed on the steering wheel closes the doors and puts the wheel back in position from the dashboard.

The interiors are said to be on par with the flagship 7 Series as traditional wood and leather materials are ditched in favour of recyclable mono materials. There two driving modes namely are Boost and Ease, with the latter boasting fully autonomous capability and ambient mood lighting.

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 4

The Boost mode adjusts steering wheel, centre console and seat depending on the vehicle’s sensory and digital intelligence called Companion whilst assisting driver in pretty much everything. The head-up display projects all the necessary information on the windscreen with the 3D Alive Geometry comprising 800 moving triangles to allow for better interaction between the driver and the car.

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