BMW to Use Carbon Fibre Body Frame in Future Motorcycles


BMW to use carbon fibre body frame in future motorcycles as the brand already mastered the usage of that material in several vehicles

German luxury vehicles maker BMW is known for their expertise on carbon fibre technologies. The company uses the lightweight carbon fibre elements in several of its cars. The two wheeler manufacturer wing of the company BMW Motorrad is also known for using the material in its models. Now the BMW Motorrad is planning something radical.

The German two wheeler maker now plans to introduce an unique carbon fibre body frame in its future motorcycles. This way the future BMW motorcycles will come significantly lightweight. Presently, the premium motorcycles come built on aluminum frames, which is pretty lightweight. BMW Motorrad says, using carbon fibre will reduce the weight further by up to 40%. This weight reduce won’t reduce the strength though.

Electric Powered Supersport S1000RR (2)

The BMW Motorrad has already patented two different body frame designs. These two frames will house a large number of motorcycles. It is believed, that the first design is christened as the ‘Beam Frame’, and will be used in the S1000RR. This frame comes built with carbon fibre and metal. It gets carbon fibre tubes, and lightweight frame rails covered with carbon fibre sheets. This frame is believed to be the most exotic one.

The second body frame is dubbed as ‘Mainstream Frame’, and it gets a trellis design. It will be used in most of the models. This frame uses round hollow carbon fibre tubes. Interestingly, while the German company is introducing this radical change to the motorcycle segment, it plans to trade in carbon fibre for aluminum in the next generation i3 electric car.

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The BMW i3 electric car is known for being built with extensive carbon fibre elements. In the next generation model the car maker will ditch the carbon fibre completely, and use aluminum instead. The company has not revealed any detail about the reason for ditching carbon fibre in the next gen i3.