BMW Pickup Truck Rendering Looks like a Monster on Wheels


Speculated BMW pickup truck will challenge the Mercedes X-Class; will be based on the Bavarian auto giant’s X-Series SUV platform

BMW pickup truck has been making headlines for quite some time. The Bavarian auto giant has not revealed any detail, but it is speculated that the automaker is preparing to take on the Mercedes-Benz X-Class with a new luxury pickup truck. Several rendered images have been published in various publications imagining the BMW pickup truck, but this one imagines it as a monster on wheels.

The rendered image portrays the X5-based BMW luxury pickup truck in a very muscular manner. Also, the modern BMW design characteristics are very much present in the vehicle. As the rendered image reveals, the pickup truck gets chrome garnished signature kidney grille up front, with vertical slats. The dual LED corona rings headlamps are complemented by the integrated LED daytime running lights.

Merc X-Class Concept

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The front bumper appears to be massive and emphasising the vehicle’s tough character is a chunky skid plate. The hood looks crafted and very muscular with the sharp creases running toward the nose section. At the aside profile, the rendered image shows the pickup truck with flared wheelarches with black cladding, chunky thick tyres wrapped around the bold alloy wheels.

The rendered image portrays the BMW pickup truck in a four-door cab configuration and the sharp character lines running through the side profile enhance its masculinity further. The rear profile gets LED taillights and delivers a similar bold vibe. BMW is expected to equip the pickup truck with rigid suspension setup, and from the rendered image, it is clear that the vehicle will sport enough ground clearance to take the challenge of roughest roads thrown at it.

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Inside the cabin, the vehicle will surely offer the occupants a generous amount of luxury through the design, features and space on offer. Powering the vehicle could be one of the powerful diesel engines from the Bavarian automaker’s range of powertrains and it could come paired with an automatic transmission.

Source: Youtube