BMW Developing Single Modular Platform For All Its Future Cars

BMW Vision Next 100 Concept 7

BMW will use a flexible platform for all its cars from 2020 onwards; will support wide range of powertrains

BMW is developing a modular platform for all its future cars. This flexible platform will be able to underpin various cars with different powertrain options and drivetrain layouts as well. Using this platform will help the brand to minimise the cost of developing and using different platforms. As the German luxury car brand says, all of its cars will use this platform from 2020 onwards.

The main reason behind developing this modular vehicle architecture is the insecure future of electric vehicles and IC engine powered vehicles as well. This new flexible vehicle architecture will be able to house various type of powertrains like pure electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and internal combustion engine.

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Also, this new platform will come supporting Front Wheel Drive (FWD), Rear wheel Drive (RWD), All Wheel Drive (AWD) technology. As BMW says, this architecture will be developed to make the future cars from the brand more rigid and safer. It also reveals that crash structure and suspension mounting points will remain same. Interestingly, developing this platform will give the company a chance to offer different powertrain options for a single car.

No wonder, this will enhance the versatility of the BMW products. For instance we can compare this platform with Hyundai Ioniq’s underpinning. The Hyundai car is the first model in the world to be offered in three different powertrain options that are a plug-in hybrid, a hybrid and a pure electric powertrain.

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Like many other global auto majors, the Bavarian car giant is currently emphasising on developing electric powered futuristic self-driving cars. At the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017, it displayed X7 iPeformance concept and performance version of the i3 electric car i3S. Both these models grabbed everyone’s attention at the event.It is also working on the third product under the dedicated ‘i’ sub-brand that is responsible for developing electric vehicles.

Source: Jalopnik