BMW i1 Could Become Entry-Level EV In The Near Future

BMW i3 Carbon Edition

BMW i1 is alleged to have smaller dimensions compared to the upcoming 1-Series and could be based on the same architecture as electric Mini Cooper

A few days ago we reported that BMW appears to be shelving plans of successors for the i3 and i8 as they are not built for future expansion. With the existing versions expected to continue into the near future, there have been plenty of speculations about the German luxury auto major’s upcoming lineup of electrified models.

The growing rumours on the interweb suggest that the i3 will potentially be replaced by what has been christened as the i1. Don’t carried away be the nomenclature as it won’t be a smaller model than the i3 and will be positioned underneath. It is rather the opposite as the i1 is said to be larger in comparison.

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The BMW i1 is alleged to have smaller dimensions compared to the upcoming avatar of the 1-Series. It is believed to be based on the same architecture as the electric version of Mini Cooper. The drivetrain will also be similar as it might have a single electric motor sending power to the front wheels alone.

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2018 BMW i3 and BMW i3S Revealed 6

Going by the similarities, we can presume that the BMW i1 will almost have same electric driving range on a single charge as well as performance like the Cooper Electric. With no official confirmation of the BMW i1’s existence has been made yet, it is important to note the naming rights being already acquired by the brand last year.

In fact, naming rights from i1 to i9 as well as the X versions belong to BMW. While the future electric models can carry some of those nameplates, it reiterates the significance of BMW’s zero-emission future. The BMW i4 has indeed been confirmed for production recently and it is a Tesla Model S rivalling sedan.