BMW Displays i Inside Future Concept Unveiled at CES 2017


BMW i Inside Future Concept is a sculpture instead of traditional concept car; it forecasts the future of the autonomous car interiors

BMW has showcased i Inside Future concept at CES 2017 in Las Vegas. The concept is basically a sculpture and not any conventional concept car model that forecasts the interior of the future autonomous vehicles. BMW being one of the pioneers in self-driving car development could incorporate this concept into its cars in the not-so-distant future. Also, the concept echoes the idea from other brands like Chrysler and Honda as well.

On the outside, the concept bears the wheels hood and the window opening minus any glass. Apart from that, the focus is on the design, space utilisation and comfort inside the cabin. The Inside Future concept comes with four wide seats wrapped in beige coloured cloth. The second row seats appear with pillow as well.


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To manage space, the concept feature sleek and slim seats instead of the thick and bulky ones seen in the present cars. The light colour theme along with the trim seats inside the Inside Future concept gives the cabin a fresh and airy feel. Up front, the steering wheel is there to let the driver take control of the machine. This comes reflecting BMW’s imagination that future autonomous cars will feature both self-driving and manual modes.

For infotainment purpose, the BMW Inside Future concept gets a wide touchscreen LCD display on the dashboard. This works as both the instrument panel and infotainment system. Rear occupants also receive tablet-pattern touchscreen mounted on armrests.


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The German luxury car manufacturer recently announced that the Inside Future concept gets HoloActive control technology. With this technology introduced, the concept model projects a 3D image of its controls over the console. It also bears the Gesture Control tech from the BMW 7-Series. With this system, driver can select various functions without touching physical buttons.

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