BMW May Develop Hypercar To Rival Mercedes-AMG Project One

Mercedes-AMG Project One 12

BMW’s halo performance machine could be based on the electric powertrain derived from the brand’s expertise in Formula E

It is a known fact that Mercedes with its AMG performance division has an upper hand over the fierce nemesis BMW in the GT series while in the automotive world the Project One took its stature to another level. The arrival of Project One has instigated rumours that Mercedes’ fellow German rivals will be equally pushing the boundaries to bring up new competition.

It uses 1.6-litre turbocharged engine extracted from Formula One and is claimed to make over 1000 bhp. Mercedes says it will have a top speed in excess of 350 kmph while zero to 200 kmph can be achieved in less than six seconds. It is a direct competitor to Valkyrie which was developed by Aston Martin in association with Red Bull.

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Mercedes-AMG Project One 2

The F1-derived Project One seems to have some stiff competition in the near future especially from BMW. The Bavarian brand has showed interest in introducing a brand new performance machine to stand toe-to-toe against the Mercedes-AMG’s ominous Project One reportedly. What really now BMW needs is the green signal from the company’s Vice President, Dirk Hacker, to build a halo car.

Speaking to Autocar, Dirk Kacker, said he would like to do a standalone model and expressed his interest but currently he sees no requirement in pursuing the route. He said that his brand is more focused on future mobility solutions than creating a hypercar or digitization. But if a commitment is set, BMW will definitely have a go at it.

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Aston Martin Valkyrie

The exclusive hypercar could have its roots in the Formula E series as electric powertrain development is at the peak there. With more manufacturers joining the series in the coming years, the facet of the world’s only open-wheeled racing series will change dramatically. BMW’s vehicles are notorious for their driving fun and in the same landscape as the track-based M cars, the halo performance machine could be adopted from Formula E.
Source: AutocarUK