BMW helmet with Head-Up Display and Laser Light equipped K1600 Showcased!

BMW Helmet Head-Up Display

The BMW helmet with Head-Up Display and Laser Light equipped K1600 were the highlights at the 2016 CES show that happened earlier this week

BMW is known for out of the box and being almost first in all kinds of innovations when it comes to safety and gadgetry. The BMW helmet with Head-Up Display is a segment first after another Helmet manufacturer offered same thing some time back in the not so distant past. The helmet offers the rider added safety as it prevents that little bit of distractions while glancing at the instrument cluster when riding at any kind of speeds.

Head-Up Display Helmet offers a host of information directly in front of the rider eye like how it is in cars as well. The display is programmable to display whatever information you require the most. Meanwhile the unit is fixed with a mini computer and speakers inside the helmet that can be controlled from left handlebar via a BMW Motorrad multicontroller aka iDrive for motorcycles now, WooH!

BMW K 1600 GTL laser light

BMW Motorrad Head-Up Display displays key information you set according to your preference on the instrument panel in front of the eye such as speed, temperature, fuel level, gear, navigation and much more. One such example is that it can can deliver live feed of the rear that are visible only in the rear view mirrors. Minus point would be this helmet runs on Power which comes via two batteries installed in the lower part of the helmet. The batteries are capable of lasting for upto 5 hours on a single charge.

BMW Helmet Head-Up Display

The second tech shown at the CES 2016 by BMW Motorrad is the laser Light technology on the mighty tourer, the K1600 GTL. The technology as we car and bike enthusiast know that is similar to the one which is also seen on BMW cars such as the new BMW 7 Series and BMW i8. Kudos to BMW to getting such tech we would love see it getting mainstream some day.

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