BMW to Electrify Entire Model Range by 2020


BMW to electrify entire model range as it plans to introduce battery-electric, hybrid, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-cell powered cars by 2020

German luxury carmaker BMW is planning to offer electrification to its entire range by 2020. This means, all the BMW cars will come with an electrified variant by the end of this decade. But despite considering the battery-powered electric, hybrid and plug-in hybrid technology for all its models, BMW is not very confident about the sales of these cars until 2025.

The German automaker believes the sales of these electrified variants will account for only around 20% of its total sales. BMW has also revealed that it will introduce hydrogen fuel-cell technology to its cars in future. The hydrogen fuel-cell technology is likely to be introduced to the largest and most luxurious cars from the brand.

bmw i8 spyder

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Not only this, the company also has plans to offer the autonomous driving technology throughout its fleet in future. BMW already has a dedicated electric car wing. The BMW ‘i’ has currently two models on offer, which are the i3 hatchback and i8 sportscar. Both the models are appreciated around the world for their design and technology as well.

BMW Group’s chief executive officer Harald Kruger has said, there is no conflict between the electrification of its car range, the driving experience and chassis dynamics of these cars. He also says the electrification will give these cars power boost which will certainly enhance the driving pleasure.


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The German brand is already in an advanced stage in terms of offering electric, hybrid or plug-in hybrid technology. This was proved by the company’s development chief Klaus Frolich. He recently said, the company’s architectures are well capable to carry an alternate powertrain alongside the conventional ones. Mr. Frolich also confirmed, the alternate energy source will be offered as an option only.