BMW Confirmed i8 Roadster, new i3 and 7 more i Models

bmw i8 roadster

The German brand will bring a total of seven i models, i8 Roadster and updated new i3

German luxury brand BMW is taking the eco friendly i range of cars pretty seriously. Which is why they have confirmed a Roadster version of the i8, an all new updated i3 and the “i” portfolio of total seven cars. At the 2012 Beijing Motor Show BMW showcased the i8 Spyder Concept, which paved the way for the upcoming i8 roadster.

Apart from the i8 roadster BMW also announced they will bring an updated i3, with increased battery capacity and longer cruising range. Not only this, the BMW “i” portfolio will consist of a total of seven cars, which might come completely electric powered or with plug-in hybrid powertrain. As the German automaker explains, these models will be introduced from 2016 onwards. To prove their environment friendly character BMW is focusing more on developing hydrogen fuel cell technology. Presently the BMW hydrogen fuel cell powered test vehicles can achieve 700 kilometres of cruising range.

bmw i8 roadster 2

BMW i8 is a widely appreciated sportscar with a hybrid powertrain. It gets power from a 231 hp turbocharged 1.5 litre three cylinder internal combustion engine, which is paired with a 131 hp electric motor. The combustion engine gets mated to a six speed automatic transmission. A combined power output from this hybrid powertrain is 362 hp, while the torque output is 570 Nm. BMW i8 defies the myth of hybrid cars not being stylish and fast. It can reach 0-100 kmph in just 4.4 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph. It can run on the electric power only as well.

In that case the liquid cooled lithium battery pack keeps the car going up to 35 kilometres with a speed around 120 kmph. On the other hand the BMW i3 is completely electric powered and it is the first zero emission car from BMW.

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