The Fabulous BMW Concept Z4 Shows Its Identity In Pebble Beach

BMW Concept Z4 Front End

BMW Concept Z4 previews the production Z4 that will be launched sometime next year sharing mechanicals with the upcoming Toyota Supra

Covers were lifted off the brand new BMW Concept Z4 at the 2017 Concours d’Elegance in Pebble Beach where often expensive cars go on auction. The sculpted Concept Z4 is a serious take on the forthcoming roadster and has a futuristic bodywork that will seamlessly translate into the production version next year. BMW makes some amazing concept cars without any doubt and the Z4 follows the footsteps of the decisively elegant 8 Series Concept.

BMW design engineers infused the classic roadster design ideas, therefore, it features a compactly proportioned rear end and longer front portion. Unlike the previous roadsters, the driver is positioned at the centre of the car helping in better maneuverability. The brand says the dynamic front end, striking flanks, clean-cut tail end and subtle interplay between surfaces create a sense of power and emotion and we cannot really argue against it.

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BMW Concept Z4 8

The shark-nose up front is visually pleasing and goes well with the overall sculpted design while the rear end gets distinctive sleek profile with L-shaped tail lamps, angular exhausts and carbon fibre diffuser. There are bulging flanks, flared wheel arches, large front splitter and air intake as well as shaped-out kidney grille, as in the retro 328 Mille Miglia, enhance the roadster charm of the Concept Z4.

The trunk lid runs to the wheel arch extensions just above the tail lamps while the outlets in the rear apron is said to create a dynamic impression. The minimalist interior has the colour scheme sinking with the exterior as BMW intends to make an emotional connection between them.

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BMW Concept Z4 2

The door trim panels, instrument panel, centre stack and driver seat are finished in black while part of the dashboard, passenger seat and door panel on the other side are in orange adhering the exterior. The infotainment display and instrument cluster are inclined towards the driver and the HUD will direct necessary information without any road distraction.

BMW remained numb about the mechanical and powertrain specifications. But what we know is that the upcoming Z4 is a joint venture with Toyota meaning that the chassis and other necessary components will be shared with the new generation Supra.

BMW Concept Z4 Interior 1

The latter is expected to be revealed in the near future with its signature sportscar attire. The engines could come in the form of six-cylinder turbocharged units but we are not sure whom it is going to come from.

BMW Concept Z4 Images