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Turkmenistan has banned all black cars from its capital Ashgabat for some unknown reason

There are plenty of weird laws around the world and one of them has been implemented in Turkmenistan. The country’s president Gurbanguly Berdimukhamedov has imposed ban on all the black cars in the capital city Ashgabat. Not only that no black cars will be able to ply in the city, owners of black cars are banned from possessing them as well.

Several people in Ashgabat have already found their vehicles impounded by the police and all these vehicles were painted in black. The owners can get back their vehicle only by signing an agreement that they will repaint their vehicles in a lighter colour. As it seems, white paint is the most in demand there as it is the favourite colour of president of Turkmenistan.

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While this latest ban on black cars has created quite a ruckus there, such bans are not new. Back in 2015, Turkmenistan imposed a ban on all imported black cars. The country has restricted the engine displacement for the cars there as well. Also, the tinted glass for cars is banned as well since 2014.

Reason behind the latest ban on black cars is known yet. But, due to this weird law, several car owners in the country have to spend money on repaint unwillingly. Interestingly, this new ban is helping the paint shops to make double the money than usual. While the shops used to charge $500 for a repaint, now they are charging $1,000 for the same. No wonder, that’s a whole lot of money.

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Back in 2015, when the country banned imported black cars the government officials said that white would bring good luck in the country. The latest ban too could come driven by similar thinking.

Now that Turkmenistan citizens are facing such plight due to the weird law, we can understand they are having trouble with their black cars. Have you ever thought what you would do if you wake up someday to find a similar law implemented here?
Source: Chronicles of Turkmenistan