Bikes With Modified Silencers Will Be Seized In Punjab, Says Government

royal enfield interceptor GT650_-8 (modified silencers ban)

Punjab government has brought the modified silencers ban into place; we’re expecting other states to adopt the same strategy

India is the largest two wheeler market in the country and youngster like bikes with sporty and loud exhaust note but due to laws, manufacturers have to keep certain limits. In order to achieve this, most of the customers usually prefer aftermarket exhaust which gives them excellent exhaust note.

One of the advantages of using these aftermarket exhausts is that they reduce weight of the bike and also gives slight bump in performance. But increase in performance comes with low efficiency. Even if you change any mechanical parts, it will have an impact on performance and efficiency on any bike or car.

The problem with these exhausts is that it not good for environment and noise pollution is high with it. Usually these type of modifications are done on Royal Enfield bikes to achieve the past thug noice which is missing in modern vehicles. But the number of modified exhaust on bikes is increasing at an alarming rate across the country.

Even though these are not allowed in the country, people still do this. Punjab government has decided that all bikes with modified exhaust will be seized. We are expecting other states also to adopt this same strategy to stop customers doing this as government is looking to reduce pollution from automobiles.


Punjab Environment Minister Om Prakash Soni also said that work for online services of pollution checking centres is going on and details of every vehicle will be available online soon, which is very helpful for the government. Along with this, customers will also get a SMS on phone one week before expirations of their vehicles pollution certificate.

To further reduce pollution, Punjab government will allow only CNG auto rickshaws to be registered in Amritsar, Jalandhar, Ludhiana and Patiala. They are also planning to reduce water contamination and strict action will be taken against industry or areas, which does not follow these norms.