Dive in to the Biggest Gallery of Custom Royal Enfield Motorcycles (180 HD Pics)

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Around the world, Royal Enfield is one of the fastest growing companies in the middleweight motorcycle category and has always set unique standards for itself. The oldest two-wheeler brand in the globe in continuous production is known for its retro-looking, old-school and powerful motorcycles each having a signature trait to boast about for the customers. While some riders like these machines in their stock forms, others prefer to fit additional accessories and customise the motorcycles according to their own preferences. This is a serene beauty of the home-grown manufacturer as its bikes are supple and can be easily modified. Due to the raise of customers in the entry-level premium bike segment, the Classic 350 continued to thrive even during the cash-strapped demonetisation period even when other struggled.

Such is the buyers craze that there has also been steep increase in the aftermarket tuning firms in recent years. While the well-established names offer their own customised kits for certain costs, the desire of having to make your RE special and standout in crowd drives owners and enthusiasts to do new things. We often do articles on custom motorcycles because it is an area we are very passionate about. Therefore, we thought of bringing the different disciplines altogether under one roof. Here we present you a photo gallery of modified Royal Enfield motorcycles that have been turned from their regular forms into café racers, bobbers, street fighters and the likes, from highly recognised customisers like Eimor Custom, Grid, Rajputan Customs and DC as well as to other promising aftermarket firms:

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