Bharat Series ‘BH’ Numberplates Start Rolling Out In India

BH series numberplate india

The new Bharat series (BH) numberplates have been introduced for people who have transferable jobs and want to take their vehicles along with them

A few months earlier, the Ministry of Road, Transport and Highways (MoRTH) had announced a new number series for vehicle registration – Bharat series or BH. The new series would help in the easy transfer of vehicles if the owner moves to a new state. The ‘BH’ series registration numbers have now been put into circulation by RTO.

Rohit Sute, a resident of Chembur, Mumbai, was the first to receive a BH numberplate in Maharashtra. He is a central government employee, and his BH-registered vehicle is a Honda City. BH registration will be issued to defence personnel, government employees (central and state), PSU employees, and private sector employees with offices in multiple states/union territories.

Previously, owners of a vehicle would have to re-register a vehicle if moving to a new state for more than 12 months. This can be tedious for people who take multiple transfers across the country, whether related to jobs or other reasons. The introduction of the BH numberplates is meant to make the facilitation easier, as this is not a state-specific registration.

BH series numberplate

In conventional registrations, road tax is paid for 15 years. However, in the BH number series, road tax is only paid for two years at first, after which the owners can pay the tax of the state to which he/she has moved. The taxes are paid for years in multiples of twos (two, four, six, etc).

In case the owner has already paid the tax but is moving to a new state, he/she can move, wait for the previous tenure to be over, and directly head over to the nearest RTO and pay the appropriate tax for the next two years (or more). If the remaining tenure is long, one can simply pay the tax in the new state and file for a tax refund in the previous state.

It also becomes easier to sell vehicles out of state with a BH numberplates. With a conventional registration number, if the owner wishes to sell the vehicle in a state other than the one where it was registered, a new registration certificate is needed. That is not the case with the BH series, as the registration is valid all over India.