Benelli’s First Electric Motorcycle Previewed At 2021 Beijing Motor Show

Benelli electric motorcycle Qianjiang QJ7000D 2

Qianjiang has unveiled the QJ7000D electric motorcycle concept in China, which is expected to launch internationally under Benelli’s brand

Qianjiang Motorcycles, the parent company of Benelli, has showcased an electric motorcycle concept at the 2021 Beijing Motor Show. Christened ‘QJ7000D’, the motorcycle is expected to go on sale in international markets under the Benelli brand. With the global automobile industry heading towards electrification, this seems like a good time for Benelli to explore the EV market.

Qianjiang hasn’t revealed the technical specifications of the motorcycle yet, but as per sources, this upcoming model may become the new benchmark for high-end performance electric motorcycles by the manufacturer. As such, we expect the performance to be in the same ballpark as motorcycles with 600cc engines or above.

There are plenty of interesting details worth noticing here. The motorcycle has a mid-mounted electric motor, which sends power to the rear wheels via a traditional gearbox and chain final drive. The suspension system consists of USD front forks and a monoshock rear suspension. There’s a fully digital LCD instrument cluster on offer as well, with an easy-to-read negative display.

Benelli electric motorcycle Qianjiang QJ7000D 5

Qianjiang has turned the fuel tank area into a storage space on this electric motorcycle. As can be seen in the pictures, this storage area can easily fit a full-faced helmet. The riding ergonomics seem to be decently comfy too, with high-set clip-on handlebars and centre-set footpegs.

The motorcycle gets a split-seat design, with a scooped rider’s seat. The tail section has quite a clean and sleek look, and the overall design is quite sharp and pretty, inspired by QJ SRG600. The split LED headlamp at the front, along with the raked visor and full fairing, give the bike an extremely aggressive look.

Benelli electric motorcycle Qianjiang QJ7000D 4

The final production model might have a few changes in terms of styling compared to the showcased concept. We aren’t sure when Qianjiang will put the QJ7000D into production, or when Benelli will launch it in markets outside China. We expect this electric motorcycle to make its way to India as well, sometime in the future, when electric motorcycles become more popular among buyers in our market.

Image source: Weibo