Check Out This Beautiful Hindustan Ambassador Speedster Concept Rendering


The Hindustan Ambassador has been out of production for a while now but its iconic status keeps it alive in the memories of many

The Hindustan Ambassador aka HM Ambassador is one of the most well-known vehicles to have ever run on the Indian roads. Based on a Morris Oxford model, the Amby, as it is lovingly called, still lives in the memories of many Indians. The Ambassador was conceived in 1958 and remained on sale till 2014.

Even though the HM Ambassador was a really dated product, it held on to its own due to various traits like reliability, great rear seat comfort, and the delicious classic look. It’s actually the timeless design of the Amby that makes it one of the most iconic cars around. Here is an artistic rendering that shows how cool the car can look n the speedster format.

The HM Ambassador speedster concept combines the old world charm of the Amby with some sporty traits that make it look even more attractive. Speedsters are basically performance-focused car that have a design similar to convertibles but come with a hardtop. While the Amboy never looked anything like a sportscar, the concept in this rendering is decidedly sporty.

1988 HM Ambassador by KitUp (8)

The front-end of the HM Ambassador Speedster is definitely a carryover from the original model as it gets the same sculpted hood, round chrome-ringed headlamps, and a metal bumper. The grille carried by the car in the rendering seems to have been inspired from the Ambassador Mark-II and is flanked by auxiliary lamps on either side.

The rest of the vehicle looks quite unique as it carries the Speedster look. The HM Ambassador in the rendering get the same fenders and the same shoulder line. It even has the original door handles and wing mirrors, but the front windshield gets is more raked, which infuses some dynamism with the design.

Another big change comes in the form of the ride height. While the HM Ambassador looks bulky, the speedster concept is a low rider. Even the body panels have been flattened to make the car look sporty. The rear of the vehicle is characterized by the sloping roof, while the wheels have been shod with low profile tires. Of course, the two-door format is another highlight.