Bangalore Traffic Police Makes Billboard Out Of Seized Illegal Exhausts

Bangalore Traffic Police Made Billboard With Seized Illegal Exhausts

To drive home a strong message and curb the menace of illegal exhausts, BTP has displayed a message to all road users through billboard made up of seized end-cans

The Bangalore Traffic Police is at it again. By now, most of you would know that the traffic cops of Bangalore have been busy nabbing bikers who use an illegal exhaust. Mostly, these exhaust pipes do not conform to either the decibel limits or the prescribed emission norms and have been a menace for other road users.

In a new development, the Bangalore Traffic Police has decided to send a strong message to the users of such exhausts by displaying an advisory to the road users that urges everyone to follow traffic rules and be safe. What’s special about this message is that it’s been shown through a model made up of seized exhausts.

These are the same end-cans that the police force has seized in the past few months. In fact, in an earlier attempt to send a similar message to the road users, the Bangalore Traffic Police had nabbed motorcyclists using these illegal exhausts and destroying the aftermarket attachments beyond repair by running a road-roller over them.

Seized Illegal Exhausts

It may be noted that as per various of sections of the Indian Motor Vehicle Act, any aftermarket addition to a motor vehicle that is used on the public road is considered illegal if it’s not endorsed on the RC by the RTO. Aftermarket exhausts are among the most common illegal aftermarket additions that bikers generally opt for and it’s heartening to see the police force doing its bit to curb this nuisance.

So far, the Bangalore Traffic Police has already issued many challans, impounded some motorcycles and have even made arrests of the repeat offenders. Even in other parts of the country, the traffic police has been seen cracking down on motorists whose bikes have been fitted with illegal exhausts.

Mostly, it’s the Royal Enfield motorcycles that are fitted with loud, illegal exhausts to achieve a loud ‘thump’. However, there are some other motorcycle users who often resort to using such aftermarket parts in order to achieve a sportier sound note. However, with the cops getting more vigilant by the day, it looks like the days of such illegal exhausts would come to an end.