Bajaj To Make Scooters If Royal Enfield Does: Rajiv Bajaj Mocks Shareholders

2019 Bajaj Chetak Chic Electric (bajaj scooter comeback)

Rajiv Bajaj ended the conversation on scooters by insisting the knack of managing his company’s niche among buyers

As the old saying goes, we miss something that we do not possess anymore, and it seems to apply to the enthusiasts and shareholders of Bajaj Auto more than the Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj himself. At the Annual General Meeting the same old question of Bajaj’s re-entry into the scooter space did crop up.

The scooter segment can be seen outpacing the motorcycle space more often in recent times due to the advent of new possibilities and the increasingly difficult scenarios caused by worsening traffic conditions. Despite the popular belief, Bajaj is trying to expand its motorcycles aggressively with little thought given to scooters.

At the AGM hosted in Pune, Rajiv Bajaj did explain shareholders of not venturing into scooter market again. He defended his decisions by saying that not every manufacturer can appease each range of customer – pointing out the lack of presence of Hero in sports motorcycles and TVS in middle motorcycle market despite each selling a series of scooters.

He reiterated his stand with another example when shareholders stated that it’s essential for Bajaj to regain the household pride Chetak and Super brands had by appealing to the masses. Rajiv Bajaj ended the conversation on scooters by insisting the knack of managing his company’s niche among buyers.


Bajaj kick started entry-level sporty motorcycle segment with the Pulsar range over a decade ago and rest was history. The Chakan-based brand is synonymous with its sporty motorcycles ever since, and the Dominar 400 is arguably the most feature packed naked sports tourer you can buy currently at a highly affordable price bracket.

Rajiv Bajaj pointed out the niche in which Royal Enfield plays its cards with, as the range of evocative motorcycles has always stood tall among the rest. He might have cheekily remarked that if Siddharth Lal makes scooters, he vows to shareholders of making them as well.

Between April and July 2018, Bajaj’s sales grew by 35 percent with 16.56 percent market share, when the industry registered only 17 percent sales surge. Do you agree with Rajiv Bajaj’s contemplation on scooters, or should he convince himself to make a comeback after all and give a try?